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Shia Labeouf Raises Child Poverty Awareness

Transformers star, Shia LaBeouf turned 26 on Monday!The day before the actor celebrated, he volunteered with a group of disadvantaged youth in Los Angeles.

He raised awareness of their struggle, and documented his experience on Twitter for his pet project, The Campaign Book.

Shia tweeted, along with a twitpic..

“Roma kids are f—king g,”

Whom he called “super strong.”

Shia expressed admiration for one child in particular:

“[The] kid with the hat (Adriano) lives under some stairs with his sister and 3 brothers [and is] super joyful – living in some of the worst poverty ive ever seen.”

Shia’s Campaign Book is the actor’s personal outlet, he publishes graphic novels, prose, design, art and more.

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