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September’s Cover Boy: Liam Hemsworth!

It all came down to your votes for this month’s cover boy and the winner is an obvious female favorite as he took over half the votes. Ladies here he is, September’s cover boy of the month, Liam Hemsworth!

Liam Hemworth was born in Melbourne Australia on January 13, 1990. His parents both work in the child care business and he has two older brothers, Luke and Chris.


Before his Hollywood debut, the Aussie actor starred in several television roles such as the children’s show, The Elephant Princess, and soap opera, Neighbours.

Liam may have lost out to his brother Chris Hemsworth for a role in Thor, but a new offer came rolling in soon after as he landed a role opposite Miley Cyrus in The Last Song. This not only sparked his soon to be hot career but a romance with the then Disney megastar. He also starred in a music video for her song “When I Look at You.”  

The 23-year-old was casted in the popular film, The Hunger Games, as Gale, co-starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.   

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