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Selena Gomez Slams Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez is usually not one for discussing her personal life. In the past she’s kept quite mum about who she is or isn’t dating, most notably she was very coy when discussing Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner. Since dating Justin Bieber, she’s apparently changed her tune.

When the pair first began dating way back in 2010, the duo denied a relationship in interviews. Selena later confirmed to Ellen Degeneres, but still attempted to keep her budding romance to herself. Once Justin turned 18, however, all bets were off. The pair were seen canoodling on vacation together and on dates ranging from football and basketball games to rented out movie theatres.

Justin has always been very vocal about his love for Selena and never shied away from questions about her.  While Selena was always a bit more understated when discussing her personal heart throb. Now that they’ve broken up, a new Selena has emerged, and she’s a tad vengeful!

In an interview with David Letterman on Late Night, Selena seemed thrilled to tell the world of her newly single status and just how happy she is without a certain Boyfriend crooner. She even giggled (a tad manaicly) as Letterman described a meeting with Bieber that left the boy wonder in tears. Then with a smile on her face she added “that makes two of us!”

Woah oh! Did Selena just fess up to breaking the heart of our little Justin?! Looks like her time on the set of Spring Breakers has turned her into a new woman! We have to say we like this side of the ex Disney Channel starlet and we hope to see more sass from her in the future. Check out the interview below and tell us what you think about Selena’s snarky jab.

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