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Selena Gomez and Lena Dunham Glamour’s Women of the Year

Glamour magazine has released their 2012 list for Women of the Year and this year it includes Disney sensation Selena Gomez and HBO‘s newest darling Lena Dunham.  The two beautiful actresses were photographed and interviewed for the magazine’s November issue.

Dunham‘s star has been on the rise this year with her first ever Emmy nomination for acting in, creating, and directing her hit comedy Girls.  The show has become “the voice of a generation” for young 20-somethings navigating the trappings of the “real world.”

Even with all of this success Dunham still had to be assured that she actually was being honored as a Woman of the Year stating,

“I was in People’s ‘Most Beautiful of the Year’ issue,” she says, laughing, “but there was just an interview with me on another page—I was not a ‘Most Beautiful Person.’ They duped me!”

Miss Selena Gomez has also been having a great year.  She’s recently starred in Spring Breakers alongside James Franco, and her relationship with Justin Bieber is as strong as ever. In her interview with Glamour she dished on how her life would have been had she never become famous:

“I’m sure I’d have two children by now.”

When asked about her past at the Disney Channel, Gomez claimed:

“I grew up in one of the biggest high schools in the world, and that’s the Disney Channel. Everybody was falling in love with each other or not liking each other, and it was exhausting…and I was the shy one in the corner. And now I’m so opinionated, and I don’t have time for the cattiness. I have good people around me, and I’m glad I’m at the place I’m in. I wish I was there back then.”

She also gushed about her friendship with Taylor Swift and relationship with Bieber.  Selena described how she makes time for her famous friends:

“I actually did talk to Taylor last week, and we were like, “I don’t even remember the last time I saw you,” which is really unfortunate. But if it gets too dire, I fly to Taylor or I fly home or I fly to Justin.”

The other honorees include, Annie Leibovitz, Zaha Hadid, Jenna Lyons, Ethel and Rory Kennedy, and more. For the full list and their interviews check out Glamour’s website.

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