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SAG Awards Liveblog 2013

9:00 pm: That’s it for tonight folks! See you next time for The Grammy’s!!!

8:58 pm: Jude Law (hey where’ve you been man??) to present Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture to: Argo. Interesting choice, they’ve won nothing else tonight. Ben Affleck is just so excited to be allowed in the room!

8:52 pm: Viola Davis to present Best Actor in a Leading Role to: Daniel Day Lewis, duh, boring, we get it.

 8:42 pm: Robert DiNero is here to present Best Actress in a Leading Role. This is such a close call, it could really go to anyone they all gave excellent performances.  The award goes to, JENNIFER LAWRENCE!!!!! Holy moly that’s incredible!!!  Jennifer is the best, show me a person who doesn’t like Jennifer Lawrence and I’ll show you a liar.

8:35 pm: The award for Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama Series goes to: The cast of Downton Abbey? Well that’s a shock. Where’s the Mad Men love, this last season was their best yet! Whoever this lady is she’s a riot.

8:25 pm: Literally everyone is in love with Jessica Chastain, everyone. Bringing the party down, it’s time to honor the actors who have passed this year.

8:22 pm: Taye Diggs and Busy Phillips (is she pregnant?) are presenting Best Actress in a Drama Series to: Claire Danes for Homeland. Is Claire trying to make a case for being just as insane as her character, or what is happening here?

8:20 pm: Ugh Dev Patel is just so adorable, I’m in love with him.

8:15 pm: Amy Poehler (my goddess) and Neil Patrick Harris are dramatically and hilariously presenting Best Actor in a Drama Series. The sound people had to lower the volume for the screams Bryan Cranston just got. The award goes to, Bryan Cranston! MORE SCREAMS. EVERYONE LOVES CRANSTON!

8:06 pm: Dick Van Dyke is thrilled to be here. He’s pretty sprightly for a man of his age, he gets a standing ovation for his incredible comedic work of 70 years.

7:58 pm: Alec Baldwin has returned to the stage to charm the pants off all of us. Dick Van Dyke is being awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award tonight, Mary Tyler Moore won last year (keeping it in the family). I wonder if Dick will come out? (LOL Jodie Foster joke)

7:48 pm: Some SAG Awards reps are talk talking about something. NBD. I doubt the viewers at home care at all about the unionization of actors, okay guys so chill.

7:45 pm: Rose Byrne and James Marsden (heyyyy) are presenting Best Actor in a Miniseries/Television Movie to: Kevin Costner for Hatfields & McCoys. And look at that he’s not here, we’ve been spared having to listen to his horrible speech. :)

7:42 pm: Golden couple Naomi and Liev are together and working it. Presenting Best Actress in a Miniseries/Television Movie to: Julianne Moore for that Sarah Palin movie. No one is surprised, everyone is bored.

7:33 pm: Julianna Margulies and Noah Wyle presenting Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series to: Modern Family. Bleh Blee Bloop, boring. Smart to give a shout out to The Office and 30 Rock which are both going off the air this year.

7:25 pm: Julianne Moore and Damien Lewis are here to present Best Actress in a Comedy Series. Damien Lewis just learned the lesson that you should leave the comedy to the comedians. The SAG Award goes to, Tina Fey! This is so hard because I love Tina but I want Amy Poehler to win it just once!! Nice shout out to Amy from Tina, lady love everybody!!

7:20 pm: Jeff Daniels and Kerry Washington (in white!!) are here now to stand awkwardly far apart from each other. Presenting Best Actor in a Comedy Series to: Alec Baldwin for 30 Rock. Apparently this is his 8th win for this role, and come on seriously? Let’s try to spread the wealth.

7:10 pm: Justin Timberlake (my husband) is presenting Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Anne Hathaway, my nemesis. Would she please just sit down, GOD WOMAN IT’S NOT AN OSCAR SAVE YOUR BREATH!

7:09 pm: Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are on to present Silver Linings Playbook, and this is the only one of these I will comment on because dear God if they aren’t a couple in real life that is an opportunity missed!

7:08 pm: First presenter, Nicole Kidman and her plastic face. Everyone is excellent in this category I want them all to win! Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln. He’s not in attendance, BOOOOO.

7:02 pm: I love when the actors give their little fun facts before the show starts. “I am an actor.” So great.

7:00 pm: THE SHOW IS STARTING EVERYONE!! Are you watching on TNT or TBS? Does it even matter?

6:58 pm: LOL Kelly Osbourne finally told Giuliana that dubstep is a genre of music. The world has righted itself.

6:51 pm: More ladies in black: Claire Danes (including black lipstick), Anne Hathaway, Nicole Kidman.

6:39 pm: So many things just happened, Justin Timberlake showed up without Jessica Biel (shocking), and Amy Poehler is looking like a beautiful swan (also in black!!!).

6:36 pm: HAHAHAH Marion Cotilliard refuses to stand too close to Giuliana, I totally understand you lady.

6:34 pm: Does Julie Bowen do anything other than complain about motherhood?

6:30 pm: Queen Tina is here, also wearing black, what’s up ladies did you all plan this? Mean Girls: The Musical is a possibility? What do you guys think about this, I am gonna say nay…

6:20 pm: The big deal at the Golden Globes was that everyone was wearing bright colors, apparently the SAG Awards are all about black. Amanda Seyfried knocked it out, but DAAANNGGG Jennifer Lawrence is looking fly in her black dress too.

6:14 pm: Helen Hunt is looking absolutely fabulous tonight. Her dress is gorgeous.

6:11 pm: Frieda Pinto and Dev Patel where have you been all my life??

6:06 pm: BRADLEY COOPER GET A HAIRCUT! Oh Bradley stop flirting with Giuliana it’s so embarrasing.

6:05 pm: If Giuliana mentions the lack of make up on another actress I will throw this laptop against the wall. In other news Naomi Watts and Liev Shreiber are an extremely attractive couple.

6:01 pm: Jessica Chastain is here and completely ignoring that whole redheads shouldn’t wear red rule.

5:56 pm: Elisabeth Moss has told us all she is wearing one million dollar earrings and that she is in no way attracted to Jon Hamm. One of those things is a lie.

5:50 pm: Is the whole red carpet just going to be Glee people? If they must, then can we get an all Darren Criss installment? Giuliana stop asking people about a dub dance!! That is not a thing.

5:45 pm: Ross is forcing Mark Salling to talk about some kind of law suit he’s a part of, and sorry I just don’t care.

5:40 pm: HEYY EVERYBODY I’M BACK AND THIS TIME I’M LIVE BLOGGING THE 19TH ANNUAL SAG AWARDS. Sorry I’m a little late to the red carpet, but so far it seems all we’ve missed is Giuliana attempting to learn a dance entitled “dub step.” Somebody tell the poor girl its a genre of music and end our misery already.

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