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Ryan Gosling Ready To Propose to Eva Mendes

Hearts are set to break all across the globe as Canadian hunk Ryan Gosling may be taking his relationship with girlfriend Eva Mendes to the next level.  The 31-year-old actor is reportedly convincing her their future lies with each other and the natural thing to do would be to tie the knot.

The 38-year-old actress has mentioned in the past that she has no interest in marriage, but Ryan believes he can convince her otherwise.

A source said: “Ryan is head over heels in love with Eva and he wants to have a life with her, including children. It’s something Eva has baulked at in the past but Ryan has a charming way of helping her see a different kind of future. She’s getting on board with the idea of marriage.”

One way Ryan is trying to convince Eva – who he has been dating since May – is promising her they can start a family as soon as they are wed.

The source added to the National Enquirer magazine: “He is now confident when he pops the question she will say yes. Ryan wants children, as does Eva, but also believes in marriage and youngsters growing up knowing mommy and daddy are committed to each other.”


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