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5 Best Romantic Indie Movies of 2012

Independent films have recently taken over cineplexes across the country by tugging at audiences’ heartstrings and making them think.  This year especially, a number of beautiful, intriguing, and inspired films caught our attention.  Most of them romantic dramadies, they are never light on humor and always heavy in heart. To shy away from overwhelming our readers here we have laid out only five of this year’s best romantic indie movies, each one perfect for a date night or a night in with the girls, or even a night alone with some popcorn.  Tell us your favorites in the comments, and recommend some we may have missed from this year!

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    lindsey tam
    January 10, 2013 at 9:36 pm

    I haven’t seen most of the movies on this list, but they sound pretty good. A friend I work with at DISH likes Indie movies, too, so we might have to try a few of these out. Safety Not Guaranteed looks really good, especially since it comes from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine (which I loved), so we’ll start with that one. It’s available for rent from DISH’s Blockbuster@Home service, which has over 100,000 DVDs to choose from, so it’s always easy for me to find the movie I’m looking for. Thanks for the suggestion.

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