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Ranking the Best Thanksgiving Episodes of Friends

2. Season 6: The One Where Ross Got High

This is the episode where all the secrets get revealed! Ross got high at his parents’ house once and blamed it on Chandler *gasp* and now Monica and Chandler are living together unbeknownst to said parents *gasp* Phoebe loves Jaques Cousteu, Rachel was not supposed to put beef in the trifle, and Joey wants to gooooooooooo!!!!

1. Season 3: The One With the Football

The entire gang gets together to play their own game of football with incredibly high stakes: The Geller Cup! This is one of the first inclinations of how incredibly dorky Ross and Monica were growing up and the episode as a whole has an incredible amount of one liners. Joey and Chandler compete for the affections of a woman from the Netherlands, Monica wants the marshmallows in concentric circles, and Ross wants to beat his sister at a game. The whole gang together in the best Thanksgiving episode of all time. OF ALL TIME! (There threw in a Kanye joke for ya.:))

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