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Ranking the Best Thanksgiving Episodes of Friends

6. Season 1: The One Where Underdog Gets Away

If that’s not a great title for an episode I don’t know what is! You guessed it folks, the Underdog balloon gets loose during the Macy’s day parade and the entire gang goes up to the roof to watch. But before all that, everyone chipped in to buy Rachel a ticket to Vale to go skiing with her parents, Joey is featured on a poster for VD, Chandler hates Thanksgiving (more on that later), and Ross is dealing with his first Thanksgiving away from mommy. But back to underdog, when the gang returns from their trip to the roof it’s recognized that emphasizing one little word can change the course of an entire evening (Got the keys. or Got the keeeeys?) and everyone is locked out of Monica’s apartment. Rachel has to miss out on Vale and thus the tradition of everyone spending Thanksgiving together begins!

5. Season 5: The One With All the Thanksgivings

The whole group gathers round to tell tales of Thanksgiving woe. Phoebe remarks on her past life as a nurse in one of the World Wars, but Monica has the worst stories. As this is when Monica and Chandler are secretly dating, Monica has a few stories about her and Chandler’s first meetings back when she was still fat and he was dressing like a character from Miami Vice. It ends sweetly though with Chandler proclaiming his love for Monica for the first time.

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