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Ranking the Best Thanksgiving Episodes of Friends

What up friends!? It’s November and that means the leaves are changing color, the air is cooler, sweaters are in, and shorts are out (that is if you’re lucky enough to live in a place that actually gets a real Fall)! It also means Turkey Day is this month, yum turkey… Anyway, Christmas is a holiday universally spent with family, but Thanksgiving is often spent with friends. For many people living far away from their nuclear families Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday to celebrate. So instead of going it alone or taking a long trip home, they spend it with their closest friends. No show captured the essence of a “Friendsgiving” if you will, than the show that normalized spending every waking hour with your nearest and dearest buddies. You guessed it, I’m talking about FRIENDS!!! The show spent a single half hour every season on the holiday (except for season 2, but we can forgive) and we have a ranking of the best to worst (but really their worst is still pretty good) so that you don’t have to! Now you can get to watching the episodes and reminiscing with your own best pals as Thanksgiving gets closer and closer! Let’s dive in!

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