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Preparations for Matthew McConaughey’s and Camila Alves Wedding

BAD NEWS EVERYONE, Matthew McConaughey is going to be officially off the market tomorrow.

Matthew and Camila Alves‘ wedding is going to take place tomorrow, I guess my invitation got lost in the mail…

The two are planning to celebrate their top-secret wedding with 126 guests. The wedding will take place outdoors in Texas.

All of the workers at the wedding have already signed their nondisclosure agreements. So unfortunately it’s gonna take a really special person spill all the details!

But I do have a few juicy details I can share with you!

After the ceremony, guests will be invited to sleep in state of the art tents with built-in air conditioning units! That’s a neat idea I have never heard of before.

Also, Matthew has been relaxing in a hammock all day under a shady tree as preparations went on around him.

The wedding seat arrangements include seven long, wooden dinner tables, that seat 18 people each, and a lot of candles!

Check out the pictures below!

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