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Perfect Pitch & Twilight Star, Anna Kendrick, Has Never Watched Glee!

Anna Kendrick has never watched Glee

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is no good excuse when it comes to Glee, but considering the circumstances, I will let Anna get away with this one.

The Twilight star has recently had her hands full filming for Pitch Perfect, an upcoming comedy about competitive college a cappella singing.

Last night, the 26-year-old actress attended the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S III, and told E! the scoop!

“I actually found out about this script a couple of years ago and I still hadn’t seen the show at that point. I thought if I was going to get attached to this movie I should not watch it that way when this question comes up, I don’t have to make a statement one way or the other.”

She told E! said she didn’t want to be filming for Pitch Perfect and thinking, “Is it too much like the show? Is it not enough like the show?”

“It’s the movie that my mom always wanted me to make,” Kendrick said. “It’s singing and dancing and really funny. We all hope it’s another drop in the Bridesmaids and The Help bucket in showing that women can carry a movie on their own.”

I don’t blame the girl, she knew she was going to be questioned so she stayed in the clear!

I’m looking forward to catching this flick on October 5th!

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