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Oscars 2013 Live Blog!

11:05 pm: Alright guys I’m turning in! It’s been a great award season. Goodnight.

11:01 pm: Kristen Chenowith joining Seth for a final song about the losers. So glad this was kept in, real necessary.

11:00 pm: Are you telling me there’s more of this? Just let it die.

10:58 pm: In case none of you knew, Ben Affleck directed this picture.

10:55 pm: Jack’s back to present the final award, a full half hour after the intended ending time. The Winner is: Argo. That was anticlimactic. Is that their apology for not nominating Ben for Director?

10:51 pm: Jack Nicholson to present Best Picture. He took his sunglasses off just for this moment. Creeping up the stage as usual, now he’s introducing First Lady Michelle Obama! What is even happening?? Michelle your bangs are looking good though 😉

10:46 pm: MERYL STREEP EVERYBODY!!! Presenting Best Actor to: Daniel Day Lewis! He’s the first actor to win three Oscars in the Lead Actor Category. YEAH, IF YOU THOUGHT ANYONE ELSE WOULD WIN YOU FAIL.

10:45 pm: JENNIFER LAWRENCE JUST WON A GD OSCAR AND SHE FELL DOWN IN THE PROCESS I LOVE HER SO MUCH. She gets a standing O from the crowd. Incredible.

10:41 pm: Jean Dujardan is presenting Best Actress tonight and this is a nail biter. Could be Jessica, could be Jennifer, could be Quvenzhane. WHO WILL IT BE???

10:37 pm: I am exhausted you guys. Honestly it is ridiculous that we keep going to commercial. Just play it straight to the end at this point,GAWD. Also poor Quvenzhane Wallis, it is way past her bed time and they haven’t even gotten to her category yet.

10:32 pm: Jane Fonda and Michael Douglass to present Best Director. SPEED IT UP WE ARE ALREADY IN OVER TIME HERE! The Oscar goes to: Ang Lee!!! This is an upset! Stephen Spielberg is pissed, you know it’s true. Everyone is standing for Ang, as he thanks the Movie God. LET US ALL THANK THE MOVIE GOD TONIGHT!

10:28 pm: Quentin the only person tonight to stop his own walk off music. BIG DEAL.

10:22 pm: Dustin Hoffman and Charlize Theron to present Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Screenplay. Best Adapted goes to: Argo. Best Original Screenplay goes to: Quentin Tarantino wins for Django Unchained. He is the craziest dude in this business, he’s kind of hard to watch.

10:19 pm: There are only 10 minutes left in this show, how are they fitting in Best Actress, Actor, Director, and Picture?

10:17 pm: I could watch Adele accept things on loop and be fine. FINALLY SOMEONE IS CRYING!! THANK YOU ADELE.

10:09 pm: To much with musicals. It’s enough really. The cast of Chicago is here to present Best Musical Score to: Life of Pi. Best Original Song is obviously either going to Adele or Les Mis, they didn’t even perform the other nominees. COME ON. Oh wait Nora Jones is performing her song, now it’s DEFINITELY anybody’s game. Winner is: SKYFALL AND ADELE!!!

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