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Original ‘Damn Daniel’ Video Has Been Deleted


Those damn hackers!

On Monday (Feb. 29), the ‘Damn Daniel’ video was deleted after a hacker took over creator Josh Holz’s Twitter account.

got my account back. they’re are some really sick people out there and I’m sorry you guys had to see all that,” Josh tweeted when he got his account back.

The hacker posted racist content to Josh’s account, including a cartoon of burning crosses and KKK imagery.

Damn Daniel is a viral video of Josh’s friend Daniel Lara, wearing different shoes on February, 15.

According to the Guardian UK,  the video, a collection of clips of Josh exclaiming “Damn, Daniel”, was also uploaded to YouTube at the same time. That version of the video remains live. In the weeks since, the Twitter video received hundreds of thousands of retweets and millions of views.

The success even brought the two friends to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Here’s hoping Josh and Daniel create new videos to share with us!

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