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MTV Told Spencer to Leave Heidi at the Alter

The Hills couple Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag revealed on their special on E! After Shock: Heidi and Spencer that MTV producers wanted Spencer to leave Heidi at the altar during their wedding episode to add some drama to the series.

Spencer stood his ground and refused, but there were many things they regret about having a televised wedding. They revealed they wished they held a second ceremony with just family.

The reality star also doesn’t believe the public managed to see them for who they actually are and because of that he is still subject to abuse from fans of the show and reluctant to start a family with his wife.

I don’t think we’ve ever gotten to be the real Heidi and Spencer on TV,” admitted Spencer.  “I wouldn’t want to be Spencer Pratt’s kid. I’d have a kid if there was no Google or YouTube.”

After blowing their $10 million fortune on plastic surgeons, shopping sprees, and Heidi’s Superficial album – they’ve downsized their lifestyle.

 “I regret playing the villain so hard with not saving my money,” said Spencer. “I would be laughing all the way to the bank being a hated multimillionaire right now.”

We are not really rich, but we’re certainly not poor,” added Heidi.

Any idea how Speidi are making money these days?

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