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MMVA 2012 Most Outrageous Fashion Award

The “Most Outrageous Fashion Award” goes to the artist who fearlessly pushes the boundaries in fashion by starting trends and exploring their creativity. This artist isn’t afraid to stand out and be remembered as beacons of inspiration for the fashion world, and continue to amaze and win over their loyal fans. Previous winners include Miley Cyrus 2010 in her meshed cut-out black onesie and Lady Gaga 2011 for her neon turquoise body hair accessories.

May I present to you, this years MMVA 2012 Most Outrageous Fashion Award Nominees.


First on the list Skyblu’s Elephant.

Girls look at their bodies, they work out and they ain’t afraid to show it. There’s no denying when Redfoo and SkyBlu ripped their clothes off on that stage to reveal some skin and their new costume changes everyone went into a cheering frenzy. Redfoo and his big afro left little to the imagination. On the other hand SkyBlu kept everything hidden by sporting red elephant undies with a 3 foot long trunk, leaving all the underage girls left blushing and wondering what their parents would think. Don’t worry guys, I’m sure this statement piece will be available on the internet soon, so fork over your credit cards and stand out on the beach or at the next frat party.


Next on the list, Kreesha Turner and her S & M dancers.

Kreesha executed her accessories perfectly, she truly stood out on the red carpet by pairing her spiky corset with 5 S&M dancers all rocking A&F worthy abs, leather/army kilts and gimp masks. So why not make the sidewalk your own red carpet, visit a Halloween store or a stag shop and dress up your army of guy friends and strut your stuff. Make sure you stand out and keep all eyes on you by matching a one of a kind corset with a pair of equally loud shoes. Top it all off with a statement necklace and hair that could rival the height of Marie Antoinettes wigs.

Animal inspired outfits must be trending, because Marianas Trench showed up on the red carpet on horses. This Canadian pop band from Vancouver payed an homage to the RCMP while showing us that bouncy castles are still fun and age appropriate even when you’re 20-something years old. So why not show up at your next school event on a blown up unicorn. Steal the spotlight and have fun.

The final nominee for the Most Outrageous Fashion Award goes to Katy Perry and her mini-mes.

Inspired by Octo-Mom, Katy Perry arrived on the red carpet with 8 kids, each dressed as a past music video character. While Katy Perrys own outfit was stolen from the goth princess, she receives this nomination for several reasons. She now holds the record for pulling off the most outfits in one red carpet photo. As well she gave her fans a night they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. After-all, very few kids can say they wore cupcakes and headgear on a red carpet with their idol. Tweeting “I just twerked it out with 8 youngin’s of me on the red carpet of the MMVA’s. I’m the new octo momma #butnotgettingnaket #yet” I’m left wondering, why not? After-all its no easy task styling and dressing up 8 young girls but needless to say she pulled it off.

Who do you think deserves to win the Most Outrageous Fashion Award at this years MMVA 2012? LMFAO’s SkyBlu, Kreesha Turner, Marianas Trench or Katy Perry?

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