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Mischa Barton Owes $200,000 For Skipping Movie Production


Misha Barton has been ordered to pay $200, 000 after failing to show up to film Promoted in 2014 with her as the lead role.

The OC actress chose play over work and spent her time travelling throughout Europe instead. The producers decided to sue when they saw her social media pictures being taken when she should have been on set.

According to screenwriter Daniel Lief, production was delayed while they recast the lead and cost them more than $300,000. The lead role in the film went to Now You See Me actress Justine Wachsberger.

Misha is involved in another legal dispute after accusing her mother of delaying the sale of their $7 million home, which they co-own and refusing her entry after changing the locks. This is the second time Misha has taken her mother to court. She accused her of stealing her money in 2015.

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