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Too Much Too Soon For Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez?

Majority of 19 year old’s are either graduating from high school, in their first year of post secondary education or entering the workforce. It seems as though the youth of Hollywood have a whole other agenda which consists of growing up as quickly as possible. Young celebrities are refusing to let age slow them down.

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday Miley Cyrus was the iconic Hannah Montana that every child looked up to? That’s because it basically was. She clearly wanted to shed that image a lot faster than she gained it and now she’s constantly being pictured flaunting her toned figure and let’s not forget her biggest step toward adulthood, getting engaged.

Miley Cyrus is engaged…this continues to be shocking

Selena Gomez was recently featured in Cosmopolitan and now with her Elle magazine spread, this urgency of appearing older than one actually is, is quite obviously becoming a popular trend.


Here are two 19 year old’s who have achieved more at this age than most individuals can ever dream of. The sad part is their willingness to sacrifice their youth for it all. Selena discusses her new image in the Elle interview,

‘‘I’m growing up, and whether I take the right steps or the wrong steps, it’ll be interesting – and scary.”

Under constant observation and immense pressure it’s understandable for these young Hollywood starlets to strive for success. The question remains whether it’s too much too soon. Only time will tell.

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