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Welcome Back Mariah Carey As American Idol’s Newest Judge!

After getting married to Nick Cannon, and having a set of twins, Mariah Carey is back to work and it’s not simply announcing her return, she is coming back with a bang!

Recently, announced and confirmed this past Monday, Mariah Carey will be joining American Idol as a judge for the 12th season for January 2013. Steven Tyler is stepping down and Jennifer Lopez replaced, no one is sure of Randy Jackson’s presence. But for now we hope Mariah Carey can save American Idol, recently the show’s ratings dropped. The “X-Factor” who has now signed with Brittany Spears and than “The Voice” with Christiana Aguilera now is more popular.

Mariah Carey, I have no doubt will bring ratings to the show for multiple reasons, such as the simple fact its Mariah Carey! No, honestly- Mariah is a well-known singer-songwriter, with 5 Grammy’s, and more than 200 million records sold. Her top Ballad songs, like We Belong Together & Hero, and her top hit’s throughout the years gives her the respect she deserves. Earlier this year she also sang a song in memory of Whitney Houston.

Oh but that’s not all! Mariah will be the top paying judge, even though Jennifer Lopez was paid $12 million, Mariah Signed a 1 year contract with $18 million attached to it. Did I mention bang? Mariah is also working on her upcoming album rumored to be titled “Triumphant”.

Did you get all that? Mariah Carey will have butterflies fluttering everywhere as the year 2013 seems to be rather overwhelming. Let’s go MiMi.

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