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What’s Up With Man Cleavage?

There is some serious man cleavage going on in Hollywood these days…

Our favorite celebrity women are always flaunting their cleavage, from side-boob to slash necks, every woman has done it in one way or another.

Seems like the men felt left out and had to join in on the fun!

From a hint of chest hair to full on, pec flashing, they are revealing more and more!

Meet Hollywood’s biggest offenders!

1. Tom Cruise

       2. Ed Westwick

       3. Taylor Lautner

       4. Russel Brand

       5. Adam Levine

Lets just hope men don’t fall into the side-boob trend any time soon!

What do you think? Should men leave this fashion trend to girls, or should they join?

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    Christopher Teh
    June 16, 2012 at 11:27 am

    Oh for God’s sake; this sounds like reverse Talibanism. If a man showing a little bit of skin is so offensive, then what about those wedding dresses with their bare backs and cleavage exposed? Double standards much? I think society is still very Victorian in the sense that it holds men to such rigid standards of hegemonic masculine behaviour and dress, so let’s be a little more mature and stop villifying the male body like squeamish adolescent girls, and a little more progressive when it comes to allowing men more freedom to express themselves through their clothing. Thank you.

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