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Louis Tomlinson Has A Naked Surprise

One Direction member Louis Tomlinson was recently caught a visitor at 5am, a naked one!

Reportedly, a drunk, and naked, man appeared at Louis’ hotel room door, just looking for a bathroom to use!

Louis only looked through the peep-hole in the door, I guess he was still shocked from the recent change room incident in NY!

What are the chances this little guy ended up at Louis’ door?! He wasn’t a fan though but a drunk member of the public looking to go to the toilet.

A friend of Louis spoke:

“Louis heard the noise because he wasn’t sleeping well with jet-lag and at first he thought it would be another fan who had sneaked past minders. When he saw it was a small naked man, he called security, who sorted it out.”

“When he saw it was a small naked man he called security, who sorted it out.

“This bloke wasn’t even a hotel guest, but a drunk who was looking for a toilet.”

It’s to bad the paparazzi didn’t catch that on camera!

The band members – Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne. Harry Styles and Louis – have planned to hold a competition on their  US tour for.

“Who can collect most bras thrown on stage by adoring female fans.”

1D fans are CRAY!

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