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Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized

Trouble seems to follow Lindsay Lohan wherever she goes. The actress was hospitalized in New York Sunday night, complaining of a lung infection. TMZ reported that Lindsay had received some antibiotics,at the city’s Mount Sinai hospital and the New York Post reported she was quickly discharged.

Sources revealed the 26-year-old was suffering from health problems and had to be admitted when the condition got worse. According to the New York Daily News, her parents Dina and Michael Lohan said it was caused by asthma during her childhood.

Michael reported, “She’s fine, but she had a bad case of asthma as a kid, so she has to take things seriously.” Dina added, “Lindsay had not been feeling well all last week following a week of high pollen counts in New York. She’s had bronchial asthma ever since she was little.”

Lindsay told her friends her infection was due to stress and anxiety. She has been charged with various drunk driving , theft accounts in the past and her life is always plastered in the tabloids.  The most recent drama was a hit and run where Lindsay is required to attend court on October 23 for hitting a pedestrian with her Porsche and leaving the scene of the accident.

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