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Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem” Premiere

After much anticipation and various hints and teaser videos, Lana Del Rey has finally released the music video for her hit single “National Anthem”.

The 7 minute video, co-starring rapper A$AP Rocky playing the role of JFK, is an interesting and artistic rendition of the assassination of John F. Kennedy through the eyes of his wife, Jackie O, in 1963.  Though the video seems to be a reenactment of the series of events that occurred that day in the 60’s, there also seems to be a bit of a juxtaposition in the sense that there is an interracial couple in the White House (which of course, was unheard of in that time period).

The entire video has a nostalgic ambiance, which makes the flashback in time appear even more interesting and authentic. Lana’s old-school attire and big hair definitely played a huge role in making the blast to the past more believable and realistic.

As the video becomes more popular, it seems to be gaining a lot of controversy.  Many people are obviously still not completely comfortable with the idea of interracial relationships.  This video definitely has people raising a lot of questions.

What are your thoughts on the video? Is it artistic?  Has it been done before? Is it controversial?  Is it a disrespectful reenactment?

Let us know!

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