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Kylie Jenner Gets Her Second Car At Age 16

Most teenagers don’t even own one car at age 16.

Kylie Jenner hasn’t even had her license for a year, and she already has a second set of wheels.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star showed off her new Range Rover on her Instagram account on Wednesday.

Just got this little beauty,” she captioned the picture of her shiny new Range Rover. “Follow @spinimaging to see the transformation. #rangerover #progressstartsnow.”

Fans quickly turned on the star after her not so humble brag, one Twitter user ranted,”Kylie Jenner got a Range Rover, alright for some…

Another sniped,”Kylie Jenner has a Range Rover despite never having worked a day in her life. I’ll probably be able to afford one when I’m 76.”

Kylie jenner just bought a range rover and I can barely afford a concert ticket,” wrote one.

Kylie Jenner just got a range rover I can’t even get my mom to pick me chipotle,” posted another.

What’s next for Kylie? A motorcycle? Her own yacht?

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