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Kris Jenner & Corey Gamble’s Rumored Breakup

kris & Corey

Kris Jenner had a rough go last year with the news of ex-hubby Bruce Jenner announcing his transition to become Caitlyn, however soon after found love with 36-year-old Corey Gamble. Recent reports claim momager Kris dumped Corey, including sources close to the family who said

Kris told Corey that she needed some space so that she could focus on her family and the show right now”

It seems like there might be something deeper going on as Gamble is seen in recent KUWK episodes close to the family, helping with the fallout of Kim’s Paris horror.

Other sources close to the Kardashians say the couple has not even been seen having so much as an argument, claiming the reports to be

“100 percent not true”

So is this all a ruse or are the two breaking up? The show’s ratings have plummeted and truthfully Gamble does not cause any drama. Perhaps Kris needs to find a new beau to spice up the ratings.

If so, who could it be? What are your thoughts?

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