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Ke$ha Drinks Her Own Pee

Just when we thought Ke$ha could not get any more bizzare! Apparently the Die Young singer really has no boundries when it comes to her body and the fluids that it excretes. In a new documentary My Crazy Beautiful Life, Ke$ha divulges two years of her personal life for the camera–including all of the ridiculous stunts she pulls. In her own words:

“It’s my brother and his weird friend following me around for the past two-and-a-half years. We didn’t know what we were doing per se… He got all the things you would want to see and all the things you wouldn’t really want to see – making out with dudes, drinking my own pee, jumping out of a building, jumping out of aeroplanes, swimming with sharks…”

Yeah we’re pretty sure we’d be into seeing all of that stuff, except for the drinking of her own urine!! We know she’s pulled some crazy antics before, wearing trash bags as clothes, glitter all over her face, brushing her teeth with Jack. But drinking your own pee may be a step too far. Thankfully, Ke$ha agrees:

“I was told drinking my own pee was good, I was trying to be healthy… Somebody tried to take my pee away from me and I said, ‘That is mine!’ So I snatched it up and took a chug and it was really gross so I don’t do it anymore.”

We’re thinking somebody needs to start hanging around some different people! Maybe this brother of hers is to blame for pulling such a disgusting trick on the Tik Tok singer? Whatever the case may be, we’re glad she’s put a stop to her urine chugging days. Regardless, we’re still incredibly excited to see this documentary. If anyone can hold our attention for 2 hours more or less it would be Ke$ha!


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