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Katy Perry Went Retro For “Part Of Me” Premiere

Katy Perry’s tell all documentary Part Of Me premiered in Los Angeles last night.

The 27 year-old pop star went full-out retro glam in a strapless red dress. The full skirt, black petticoat and matching red shoes showed off her Old-Hollywood style.

To complete her look, Perry added barrel curls, thick eyeliner and red lips.

MTV News caught up with the singer on the pink carpet. Perry had this to say about the movie:

“I wouldn’t say it’s so therapeutic, because the movie is so well-rounded with so many different things. I guess some of it is just hopefully an inspiration for people. When they see it, they are like, ‘Oh, yeah, she goes through some sh– too. I can’t dodge life’s curve balls if Katy Perry can’t dodge life’s curve balls.’ “

Later in the evening, Perry performed Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) and Fireworks for her fans. Instead of sticking with the vintage look, she opted for her usual campy style. Wearing film, popcorn and candy to remind fans that they were at a movie premier.

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