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Katy Perry Celebrates Anniversary with a Divorce Party!

Looks like Katy Perry won’t be reconciling with ex husband Russell Brand anytime soon.  The Teenage Dream songstress has decided to not sweat her upcoming anniversary and instead throw herself a little divorce party!  Her would-be 2nd wedding anniversary with the comedian is coming up on October 23rd just two days before her 28th birthday.  In lieu of staying at home and sobbing into a bowl of ice cream, Perry has decided to celebrate her new-found freedom (and possibly her new love connection with John Mayer).

A source close to Katy claims:

“Katy has been dreading October 23 for weeks now, and has been trying to think of ways to turn it into something positive. It’s her birthday two days later and the last thing she wanted to do was spend that week depressed and miserable, which would then mean not doing anything to celebrate her birthday. Her pals have been persuading her to have a huge party or go to Vegas for a few days, but Katy decided on throwing a small gathering at her home. She has decided to call it her ‘divorce party’, and it will be a day of doing what she loves with her favourite people.”

Katy’s on again off again romance with Mayer has been gossip fodder for the past few months; will he be in attendance to close out Perry’s past relationship once and for all?  The answer is yet to be seen. Let’s hope the couple can actually make it that long.  Mayer is not known for his long lasting relationships as seen in his notoriously bad break ups with stars Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Love-Hewitt.  Hopefully Perry will not be put in the same category as the many beautiful women before her who tried to tame him and failed.

Although, if it doesn’t work out she can always write a song about him a la Taylor Swift!

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