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Kanye West to Headline Pan Am Games Closing Ceremony

Kanye West has been announced to headline the Pan Am Games closing ceremony on July 26 at the Rogers Centre. He will also be joined by Serena Ryder and Pitbull.

Pan Am CEO Saad Rafi made the official announcement on Wednesday, saying, “If this just doesn’t get you excited and if you don’t think there’s going to be a party in Toronto on the 26th of July, then we have nothing left for you. This is remarkable.”

According to Tribute.ca, a number of tickets, which range in price from $90 to $200, were still available at the time of the announcement, although scalpers are asking up to $1,400 for some seats.

Despite this new buzz, many Canadians aren’t happy with Kanye performing at the closing ceremony. Many took to their Twitter accounts to address how they feel saying the games and music acts aren’t Canadian enough. A petition has even been launched on Change.org to replace Kanye with another Canadian artist. Drake, maybe?

Will you be watching the Pan Am Games Closing Ceremony if Kanye performs or not?

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