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Justin Bieber Turns 19!

Justin Bieber turns 19 today, March 1, and the megastar chose to take a break from his Euro tour to celebrate his birthday in a few London clubs.  After a show on his Believe tour in Birmingham, England on February 28, the singer tweeted to fans “Great show! Now gonna go celebrate 19! Thanks.” Then in the early hours of March 1 Justin was spotted clubbing so hard he had to strip down to his birthday suit. Well half of it that is.

The Biebs was photographed shirtless as he left one club, showing off his new bod (and by “new bod” we mean incredible abs). Could this be another stunt to get the attention of one Selena Gomez? Or is he just trying to make our favorite Disney alum jealous? Could be the latter as Justin has been seen around town with a new brunette beauty on his arm. He and Ella-Paige Roberts Clark (what a mouth full) have been spotted together a few times, but have gone to great lengths to not be photographed together. Could our little Bieby finally be moving on?

Ella-Paige Roberts Clark

Justin and his crew partied until 6 am this morning, ringing in another year for the “Boyfriend” singer. We’d say we’re surprised he was even in a club, but then of course the legal age for alcohol consumption is 18 over in dear England. It’s lucky Justin just so happened to be over in Europe for his 19th eh? This is not the first time Justin’s been photographed partying a little too hard. Lest we forget marijuana gate 2013, when Justin was pictured smoking what appeared to be pot with a few friends on New Year’s Eve.

Who can judge though right? He’s just an average 19 year old experiencing new things and people like everybody else. Only difference is he has money, fame, and a million cameras pointed at him all the time! Ha! We hope Justin is having a good birthday!


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