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Justin Bieber involved in bribing Canadian border guard

The Canadian Border Services Agency has fired a guard after allegations she accepted a $10,000 bribe from Justin Bieber’s entourage.

In exchange, the official turned a blind eye to the Canadian pop star’s criminal records, which would normally prevent them from entering the country under the country’s policies. The bribes surfaced after some of Justin’s friends later appeared at the same border crossing in Niagara Falls expecting similar special treatment and hassle-free entry. Justin, who is facing criminal charges, can not be stopped from returning since he’s a Canadian citizen.

According to Tribute.ca, it is unlikely that the Biebs himself participated in the hand-off, especially recently, after narrowly avoiding jail time for reckless driving in Miami. The payoffs may stretch back to July 2013, when Justin performed at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. It is also possible he was travelling to visit his home in Stratford, Ontario. Whatever his reasons, Justin’s greasy palms are proof  he’s just as slick off-stage as he is on it.

The President of the border agency issued an internal memo, instructing staff to report anyone suspected of taking kickbacks and notifying security that accepting payoffs is impermissible.

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