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Justin Bieber Discusses His Man Parts!

The biggest teen star in the world is discussing his penis in an interview with The Sunday Times Newspaper.

This week, the singers popularity on social media sites has resulted in the nickname for his penis, “Jerry” and it is trending all over the world.

Justin told The Sunday Times, “Yep! The fans named my penis Jerry, which is funny.” When asked why “Jerry” was the chosen name, Justin responded, “Um, Jerry was actually the largest man,” who is featured in the Guiness Book of Records.

Justin turned 18 recently and is now considered a man, legally at least. Courtesy of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Youtube, he’s the most fawned-over, scrutinised teen singer ever. But what’s the boy in the bubble, really like?

He even admits to shaving! “I shave, yeah,” says Justin, “But not often. I only grow a little moustache. It’s good not to have that much, right?! Some guys have to shave everyday. Twice a day! My dad has to shave often, his face gets a lot of hair. So I probably will…”

When asked if he was a virgin he gasped, and embarrassingly said. “Ah-hah… Next Question!”.

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    Augember Weasel
    June 9, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    Justin Bieber is one hot chick

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