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Justin Bieber Caught Smoking Pot?

Justin Bieber was sure flying high this week, ringing in a brand new year with a fatty blunt. (;)) The 18 year old Canadian heart throb was photographed at a party, hosted by his good buddy Lil Twist, with what appears to be a marijuana cigar. Not only are Justin and his rapper pal under the legal age for alcohol, but pot is illegal in 48 states (what up Washington and Colorado?)

While attending the party in Newport Beach, California, Justin and a few others (ladies included, none of which were Selena Gomez) engaged in questionable activities and were not shy about taking pictures.  According to TMZ (click there for the pics), Justin’s security was on hand at the residence and were not in the least concerned about cameras present.

This incident comes off the heels of the recent death of the paparazzo who was tailing Justin’s Ferrari just a few days ago.  Interestingly enough, that very photog claimed to have seen Justin smoking weed–yet the Bieb’s team were quick to deny those rumors.  Now it seems the man may have been indeed telling the truth.

Back to the marijuana, sources also claimed to TMZ that a young woman spent the night with Justin after the party, though there were no reports of whether or not any funny business went down.  After all, is anyone certain of the current state of his relationship with Ms. Gomez? We’re sure after this story she won’t be too pleased with her on again off again stud.

Whatever the case may be, we’re sure Justin’s people will be on this story immediately claiming nothing illegal went down.  What do you think of Justin’s hard partying ways?

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