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Justin Beiber’s Having The Worst Week

The tweet read around the world last week was one of complaint by mega star Justin Beiber. His message to millions of followers? The very simple “Worst birthday.” Now it would appear that the bad vibes from his 19th year celebration have carried over into the rest of the Beibs’ life. This past week has been a rocky one for the performer as a number of upsetting events took place.

First on Monday he made waves by arriving 40 minutes late to his O2 arena show in London, angering parents and fans who had been waiting all night. Many of his fans had to leave early to make a train or because it was way past their bed times! Sources claimed the singer was out late partying with one bystander saying:

“We were told he was kicking up a real fuss. He was saying, ‘It’s my show, I’ll go out when I want to.”

Justin later apologized and showed up on time for his Tuesday show. Then on Thursday, tragedy struck. Justin had to take a 20 minute break right in the middle of his performance. Manager Scooter Braun came out to assure concerned fans that he was just “light of breath.” To be sure all was well, Justin was taken to the hospital. He was released with a clean bill of health.

Now it would appear that London has had just about enough of Justin’s wild antics. Early on Friday Justin was involved in an altercation with an agitated paparazzo, which was unfortunately caught on tape. TMZ reported the incident and provided the video evidence. When the paparazzo rushed Justin as he was leaving his hotel, Justin’s body guard shoved the man out of the way. The paparazzo was furious and claiming assault. Justin immediately entered the van waiting for him, but after hearing the disgusting words coming from the pap, Justin leaped from the van to have a go at him. His body guard was quick to hold Justin back, but not before Justin launched a few expletives himself.

Justin tweeted about the incident, explaining that he simply let the paparazzo get the better of him.

If we were Justin we would get the hell out of dodge as soon as possible. London is clearly not the place for the 19 year old Beiby. Video of the altercation is below.

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