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Jonas Brothers Are Back!

We haven’t heard much from the Jonas Brothers as a group since the release of their last album Lines, Vines, and Trying Times way back in 2009 (phew! all those rhymes).  Other than Nick’s solo album, Joe’s solo album, and Kevin’s reality television show, Married to Jonas, alongside wife Danielle the group has been relatively quiet (hah).

Now after a three year hiatus as a group, the band is finally releasing their fifth studio album!  At their first live performance together in years, October 11th at Radio City Music Hall, they performed three brand new tracks.   Including one titled Wedding Bells which has fans of the group speculating it may be about Nick’s newly engaged ex Miley Cyrus!

The JoBros released a statement yesterday describing to fans what to expect from their upcoming album:

“The vibe right now that we’re trying to create… we’ve had a really memorable career that we’re really thankful for up until this time, [and now we’re] hoping to create an experience for our fans that is really personal and shows a little bit deeper look into what our lives have been like, as far as lyrics. But, musically we’re trying to push ourselves and continue to grow and get better.”

Let’s hope they get really personal and indulge their fans with a few tracks about their extremely famous exes some of whom include Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Ashley Greene, Demi Lovato, and Camilla Belle to name a few.

Regardless we know the brothers Jonas definitely won’t disappoint and can’t wait for the album’s release!!

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