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Jersey Shore Comes to an End

This is it people! The day has finally come where the world shall see the end of the Jersey Shore crazy train.  MTV announced that the upcoming sixth season of their reality juggernaut will also be it’s last.  Coming off the heels of the birth of Snooki’s first child, this seems like the right time for this party to come to an end.  Yet it’s not all sad news, as the show will be succeeded by the second season of Snooki & JWoww—and the whole world rejoiced!  However, the same fate was not granted to the similarly themed Pauly D Project.

In a move of solidarity and sorrow, each member of the cast took to their Twitter accounts to mourn the show’s passing and to assure their fans that even though the cameras will stop rolling nothing can stop them from GTLing, creeping, and wreaking havoc over at the shore.

Snooki tweeted:

“Yes, sadly it’s true. This upcoming season of Jersey Shore will be our last. But it was fricken INSANE. I will always love my roomies!”

Sammi wrote:

“It’s been one hell of a ride but this is just the beginning! Thank you all for your love & support throughout the seasons!! These memories will never be forgotten!!”

Snooki’s meatball in crime, Deena tweeted:

“It really just hit me now this summer was the last time I’ll be filming with my roomies we all share something incredible thnx to you guys.”

Vinnie and Ronnie took different approaches by joking about their future careers, each in a their own personal ways.  Vinnie joked about running for president, while Ron deadpanned that he could “always go work for Danny at the Shore Store!” Those are some high aspirations Ron, cool it.

Pauly told his followers that:

 “I Must Say, Sad To See It Go , But Am So Blessed To Have Been Apart Of This !!!!”

Unfortunately the world will have to do without an inside look as to how The Situation is dealing with the news, as he’s currently busy filming the UK version of Big Brother.

The sixth and final season of Jersey Shore airs on MTV on October 4th.

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