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James Franco Tries To Hook Up With Teen On Instagram

James Franco has admitted he did try to pick up a Scottish schoolgirl using Instagram after his embarrassing attempts to woo her went viral.

Although most girls love James Franco, this is borderline creepy. Especially since the girl was only 17-years-old.

According to the teenager Lucy Clode, she first interacted with the star at his Broadway show Of Mice and Men (an early 18th birthday gift). She took an Instagram video with the actor and he told her to tag him in it. Later that same night they began flirting over the social media site and the leaked screenshots have since flooded the internet. The teen twice asked James to send photographic proof that it was really him, and he did. He apparently wanted to meet up with the teen in a hotel room according to the chats.

James’ actions raise some other questions such as — was this all just a publicity stunt for some new upcoming movie? The same day he hit on Lucy is the same day the trailer for his new movie Palo Alto.

So, could it be that the incident with the young teen is just to promote the film — in which he plays a teacher seducing a student?

Even though the two did not actually meet up, the teen will have one memorable story to tell her classmates.

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