Insider Info of True Blood’s Season 5

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Celebuzz spoke to Todd Lowe from HBO’s True Blood, the actor plays Terry Bellefleur on the hit show.

While most of the cast is tight-lipped about spilling any plot details, Celebuzz managed to get a few hints out of the star… including whether or not his character kicks the bucket.

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Terry is a great character, but we’re sensing that trouble is coming. How will we see his character change?


LOWE: Well, his commanding officer come back into town, and they can’t be bringing any good news. It’s not like the government is going to take care of us veterans better and we just want to fill you in … that is as much as I can say right now.

So many characters have met their end over just a few seasons. Is there any fear that Terry will get killed off?

LOWE: There is a little bit of that, sure. I can’t really address what is going to happen, because it will ruin it for the viewers. I know I am in it for the majority of the season. I can say that.

What is the number one thing that fans say to you about the show?

LOWE: They are very flattering, they compliment my character. They tend to think I might be like my character, but I’m a little bit different. I’m not a war vet, I am not always immediately sympathetic to people, and I have a bit of a temper. People really like the story telling and the cliff hangers seem to help a lot and they always want to know what is going to happen next.

Is there any chatter on the set where people worry if they are going to get staked?

LOWE: Well we are a pretty good family those of us who have been around since season one but yea certainly your job can end at anytime. But yea just trust the writers and Allen and his team and the way they want to craft the series I guess.

You’re also set to guest star on Bunheads. Will you be a reoccurring character on the show or a guest spot?

LOWE: Fingers crossed. I know I am doing a guest spot reason one, I am hoping to get a reoccurring spot. I like working with [executive producer and Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman]. I read a couple of the scripts and they are just as fun as Gilmore Girls. I feel like I am almost going back to my old family.

Speaking of that old family will there be any chance of a Gilmore Girls reunion?


LOWE: I haven’t heard of one but I would be a participant.