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Celebrities meet with Obama for Young America Effort

Celebrities took over Twitter on Thursday to gush how starstruck they were to meet American President Barack Obama. A selected group of them were chosen to be a part of the Young America Effort to help Obama secure four more years in the White House by encouraging fans to cast their votes for him in November.

Jessica Alba, Dianna Agron, Sophia Bush, Anna Kendrick Jeremy Renner and Ian Somerhalder were just a few of the lucky stars who got to attend the private meeting with the President at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverley Hills.

The actors documented their time with the President by using Twitter to post photos and reach out to their millions of followers.

The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder tweeted after,

“Totally surreal morning. Met up with some friends, had coffee with President Obama now tweeting. The 21st century… Let’s do this.  Just spent my morning with this man talkn (talking) green energy, a better America & being a young American. Wow.”

Dianna of Glee tweeted,

“(Obama is) maybe the only man I truly get nervous around. Worth the early wake up call,”


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