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The Host Stars Speak Out

The official trailer for the next big Stephanie Meyer franchise The Host hit the web just two days ago.  From this two minute video we can already tell that this film is going to be a non stop action adventure with a little bit of romance mixed in.  The film’s stars, Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Jake Abel had the privilege of walking the red carpet at the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 premiere where they discussed their disbelief that they will ever see the kind of fame the Twilight franchise has encountered.

Saoirse explained about expectations for the films popularity:

“You can’t expect it too much because it may not happen. I mean, this is such a massive scale for Twilight because Twilight is so so huge, and I think that’s something that can’t even really enter into your head because it is so massive. But it is mad though. But it’s great that all these people have been out here since Thursday because they love the book and they love the films so much that they’re willing to stay out here.”

Since The Host is penned by the very author responsible for the vampire saga, we’re sure the fans will transfer over.  Leading man, Max Irons, explained his uncertainty that he would even get the part:

“I became aware of a number … eight actors who were up for Ian and [his character] Jared, at which point looking at them, their biceps and facial hair, I just gave up. So when I finally did get the phone call, it was a good day.”

We’re sure Max is just being modest, he’s definitely easy on the guys.  Still even his costar Jake Abel admitted he too had some concerns about getting the part.

“I saw the four of them that were up for [his role] Ian, and I was like ‘Well, that would’ve been fun.'”

Looks like the young stars’ experience so far has been filled with wonderful surprises, we imagine the inevitble success of The Host will come as quite a shock! We can’t wait to see the full film, but for now check out the trailer below!

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