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Harry Styles Gets Taylor 23 Cupcakes for her 23rd!

Taylor Swift turns 23 today, and her dashing boyfriend Harry Styles had a sweet surprise in store for the songstress.  During Taylor’s trip to the UK, the pair have been spotted on various dates all around the country and now it seems they will even celebrate her birthday together!

Chapelford’s Custom Cupcake Company owner, Matt Blakely, wasn’t aware of who exactly was making the order for 23 custom cupcakes only that the customer’s name was Harry Styles.  He describes the order as:

“The woman said it was for Harry Styles but I didn’t know who that was at first. We had got a lot of orders before Christmas but she said he desperately needed them so we said ok. It was only afterwards we looked on the internet and saw it was his girlfriend’s birthday today and she was 23.”

GIRLFRIEND!! I think it’s officially confirmed, Taylor and Harry are getting pretty serious!

Blakely and wife Kelly divulged the flavors of the cupcakes were a variety of 12 delicious tastes, including candy floss and mint liqueur. It seems to us that Taylor’s going to have a very happy birthday indeed!

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