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Finding the Perfect Pitch with Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow

What happens when Step Up and Glee become one?

Pitch Perfect, based on the novel by Mickey Rapkin, centers around a collegiate A Cappella group. The movie’s focus is on the self alienating Beca, a college freshman who is forced into joining the schools A Cappella team.

Written by 30 Rock’s Kay Cannon and Jeff Roda, this off beat comedy exposes the behind the scenes of the competitive world of singing. The all girl singing group combines every type of girl. Instead of basing decisions on looks they allow their voices to shine.

“We sing songs with no instruments, it’s all from our mouths.”

Beca’s job becomes clear as she gives the group a new edge; creating new mash-ups that bring the girls back into this century.

The film stars: Anna Kendrick (Twilight), Brittany Snow (Harry’s Law), Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games), Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids) and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad).

Watch the trailer below!

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