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Emily Blunt’s Charming New Film: Your Sister’s Sister

Your Sister’s Sister is a charming new film about love, family and friendship, and how they can get complicated once intertwined. For an indie movie, it has had a very successful opening weekend and has garnered good reviews from critics and fans.

After the passing of his brother, Jack, played by the wonderful Mark Duplass, spirals downward. With the one year anniversary approaching, Jack’s best friend Iris, portrayed by Emily Blunt, decides he needs an intervention.

Iris sends him away to a family cabin, which unexpectedly is inhabited by her sister Hannah, depicted by Rosemarie DeWitt. After drowning their sorrows in tequila, Jack and Hannah sleep together. When Iris appears and confesses her love of Jack to Hannah problems begin to arise. “I really think your face is going to annoy me right now.” 

The movie, written and directed by Lynn Shelton, had a meager 70 page script, allowing most of the film to be improved. This lead it to become more raw and honest. Holding steady at 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, they say this about the movie,

“Superbly acted and satisfyingly engaging, Your Sister’s Sister subverts rom-com conventions with sensitive direction, an unconventional screenplay, and a big heart.” 

Watch the trailer below!

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