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New Deposition Ruins Kris Humphries Fraud Case

And the world’s longest divorce continues to drag on. In who’s the dumbest ex husband news, Kris Humphries will have to find new reasons to further the divorce hearing with estranged wifey Kim Kardashian, because fraud is out.

A new deposition from Keeping Up With The Kardashians producer, Russell Jay, has come to light and it proves explicitly that Kris Humphries was in on the marriage “scheme” the whole time. What’s the big reveal that’s derailing the basketball player? Apparently Kim was so shocked by Kris’s original proposal that she did not react properly for reality TV, so she requested a do-over! What does this mean? Well TMZ laid it out for us:

2 big problems for Kris:

1.  Kris is alleging Kim fraudulently induced him to marry her.  Since he proposed and she was surprised, it means it positively wasn’t a grand scheme to dupe him.

2.  Kris clearly knew she re-shot her reaction, so no matter what, he was in on everything.

Whoopsies! Looks like Kris made a boo-boo. How he could have possibly not been aware of the workings of a reality television set, we’ll never know. One source says that Kim’s reaction was perfectly normal for the circumstances:

“This is normal operating procedure on any reality show. None of this shows fraud, which is what Kris is trying to prove. His entire case is based on the premise that he is the stupidest person on the planet.”

We didn’t say it! But, as anyone who has seen KUWTK knows, Kris was never making a case for being the smartest person on the planet so who knows what’s really going on inside his brain.

Hopefully this new information will speed up the process and result in a finalized divorce for Kimmy so that she can officially move on with baby daddy Kanye West.  Here’s hoping stupidity isn’t genetic!

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