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Deena of Jersey Shore Gets Fined For Failing To Use Sidewalk

Jersey Shore cast member Deena Cortese sure does live up to her ‘The Blast In A Glass” name on her website, but this time she took it too far. The reality star was fined $106 on Tuesday for failing to use the sidewalk as she danced in the middle of the street.

Deena was arrested by police on June 10 when she was spotted dancing in the middle of the street, causing a traffic backup in the middle of a busy summer day. Municipal prosecutor Kim Pascarella found that there was not enough evidence to convict Deena on an interfering with traffic charge, so they let her plead guilty to not using a sidewalk.

The notorious party girl even got a lecture from her mom outside the municipal court, telling her daughter that the judge doesn’t want to see her there again.

Deena also had to pay $33 in court costs but avoided a criminal conviction by pleading guilty to a violation of the motor vehicle code.

Michael Pappa, Deena’s lawyer says she knew it was a mistake.“She took this situation very seriously.  She was very upset about getting arrested and having to go to the police station, and she was very apologetic to the police officers.”

Since Jersey Shore premiered in 2009, Deena has been the third star to have trouble with the law. Her co-star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was charged with disorderly conduct during the third season, while Ronnie Ortiz-Magro had been charged with aggravated assault during the first season.

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