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David Letterman Questions Lindsay Lohan About Rehab

Lindsay Lohan was on David Letterman‘s late show last night, and the funny man did not shy away from the really tough questions. Specifically grilling her on her most recent decision to enter rehab. Letterman did not relent, even after Lohan became increasingly more and more uncomfortable with his line of questioning.

He even went so far as to ask her about an addiction! Lindsay looked none to pleased, stating “this was not in the pre-interview.” We can see why not!

Eventually she gave in, and admitted that yes she will be entering rehab starting May 2 for three months. The “actress” claims to see the stint as a blessing and not a curse, because she’s “happiest” when she’s “working.”

From the fabulous work we’ve seen recently in Lifetime‘s Liz & Dick and the trailer for Scary Movie 5, we completely understand what Lindsay means. Check out the clip for yourself below!

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