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Critic’s Choice Awards Recap

AWARD SEASON IS FINALLY HERE!! In my opinion award season is the only season that matters, and while it was officially kicked off with People’s Choice the real awards begin to be handed out with the Critic’s Choice Awards.  In the past 14 years that the critic’s have had their own award show, the winners are generally a good indicator for which films, actors, directors, etc. will be going home with Mr. Oscar at the end of all of this hubbabaloo.  This year there were so many incredible films released with such amazing performances that in every category there aren’t any real frontrunners (except for Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln as the man is the male version of Meryl Streep).  So without any further ado let’s get into the Critic’s Choice Awards!!

The show opened with a borrowed bit from the SAG Awards, two critics spoke about how they became critics and it was booriing. Jon Lovitz saved it by being Jon Lovitz but it wasn’t really enough to save the bit from bombing.  The show was hosted by critic Sam Ruben. It’s okay, I have no clue who he is either so we’ll just ignore him from here on out.

The first batch of awards were presented by Nina Dobrev and the newest Superman Henry Cavill (He looked beautiful as always). They handed out the award for Best Ensemble and it was the first win of the night for Silver Linings Playbook.  Nina and Henry then presented the award for Best Young Actor or Actress under 18.  The nominees included big names like Logan Lerman (who’s 20 so who knows how that worked?) and Elle Fanning, but the award ultimately went to 9-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis for her commanding performance in Beasts of the Southern Wild.  She read her thank you speech off of her Iphone which got a big laugh from the crowd.

After the commercial break, Rob Riggle and a woman I did not recognize did a horrible bit where she claimed not to “get” references to old action flicks and it was generally just terrible.  They presented the awards in the Action category.  Best Actress was awarded to Jennifer Lawrence for The Hunger Games and in traditional Jennifer style she immediately remarked “Critic’s aren’t so bad!” garnering huge laughs from the crowd.  She’s the cutest.  Best Actor went to Daniel Craig for Skyfall, he was not in attendance, and Best Action Movie went to Skyfall.  The camera immediately went to Christian Bale who looked justifiably pissed over The Dark Knight Rises’ loss. (DKR was also snubbed by the Oscars this year, and I’m still a little salty over this.)

Another commercial break, but first we got a shot of the crowd and BRADLEY COOPER AND BEN AFFLECK HUGGED!! Be still my beating heart, I had no idea these two even knew each other.  So thrilling.

After the break Eddie Redmayne, looking fabulously British, awarded Best Supporting Actress to Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables.  In her true irritating fashion, Anne immediately corrected the critic’s for apparently spelling her name wrong and that’s all I’m going to be saying about her for the rest of this recap.

Octavia Spencer presented Best Supporting Actor to the absent Phillip Seymour Hoffman for his performance in The MasterCory Monteith and Emmy Rossum presented Best Foreign Language Film to Amour, and in general this part was inconsequential.

Then Hugh Jackman appeared and was generally wonderful in announcing Rebel Wilson who came out to present the Louis XIII Genius Award to Judd Apatow.  Rebel is the true break out actress of 2012 and I would literally watch her do anything.  She’s the real genius here.  Her speech was hilarious and to the point and led to a quick clip package of all of Judd’s movies: Superbad, The 40 Year Old Virgin, This is 40, Knocked Up, Funny People, etc. Once Judd made his way to the stage he demanded a standing ovation, which the audience provided for him in a well-deserved gesture of respect.  His speech was hilarious, calling out all of the famous directors in the room that he beat out for the award.  Judd is the best.

Jamie King and Ian Somerhalder (in all his smoldering glory) presented Best Sci/fi and Horror Movie.  Looper won and Joseph Gordon Levitt pumped his fists in the air for their victory.  Is there anyone more adorable than JGL? I dare you to find someone who is even a smidgen more adorable.

Next Eva Longoria and Paul Wesley presented the comedy categories, completing the trifecta of The Vampire Diaries actors presenting (this did air on The CW after all).  Silver Linings Playbook swept the category, with Jennifer and Bradley winning the acting awards and the film winning for Best Comedy.  Jennifer was great, I think we should get used to her acceptance speeches because we’re definitely going to be hearing a lot of them this season.

Somehow The Twilight Saga won Favorite Film Franchise, how could that be you ask? It was voted for by the fans.

Ray Liotta presented Best Director and Ben Affleck won for Argo!! THIS IS A HUGE DEAL.  One of the biggest snubs from the Oscars this year came in the director category, as Ben and Kathryn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty) were both left off the nomination list.  Ben immediately addressed this by starting his speech off jokingly saying, “I’d like to thank the academy,” followed by a beautiful speech.  He thanked his lovely wife and that’s when I realized Jennifer Garner was not in attendance.  WHERE WAS SHE? I need more Jennifer Garner in my life.

Joseph Gordon Levitt surfaced yet again, coming out to an outpour of applause, which seems odd in a roomful of fellow actors? I guess literally everyone is caught under JGL’s spell. No one is safe. He presented Best Actress, where Jennifer Lawrence lost to Jessica Chastain’s performance in Zero Dark Thirty.  Jessica’s been in basically ALL the movies lately, so she must be doing something right!

Melissa Leo from The Fighter presented Best Actor, and yup you guessed it Daniel Day Lewis won big for his role in Lincoln.  He’s the actual worst at public speaking, and he mumbled his way through the entire speech.  Unfortunately he was so fantastic as Lincoln we’re going to have to get used to this.

A gaunt looking Matthew McConaughey presented the last category of the night, Best Picture.  The nominees were Beasts of the Southern Wild, Lincoln, Life of Pi, Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained, The Master, Argo, Les Miserables, Moonrise Kingdom, and Silver Linings PlaybookArgo took the win, shocking Ben Affleck, and hey that’s George Clooney!!! I guess ol’ George was a producer on this film and he’s on hand to help accept the award.

That’s it for the Critic’s Choice Awards 2013! Check back for more recaps on the rest of award shows, we’ll be here all season!

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