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Celebrity Affairs to Remember – Kristen Stewart and so many others

The news of Kristen Stewart’s secret liaison has filled the grocery check outs for weeks and kept gossip bloggers on the edge of their keyboards waiting for the next “insider” update. For years Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been surprisingly successful at keeping their relationship private, never confirming their love and keeping us wondering are they in love or not? Both actors have a huge base of loyal, die-hard fans who seem to be losing their shiz over the confirmation of the relationship and its end.

The news has sent the twi-hards into emotional overload, spurring endless tweets, intense videos and even hate mail. But while teen girls everywhere are crying into their Team Edward pillow cases, we thought we’d give Kristen and Robert a break and remind you about all of the other, maybe even more sensational, celebrity affairs. And when we reflect on the celebrity trysts, it’s nice to note how over it we all are. So don’t worry Kristen and Rob, it’s only a matter of time.

LeAnne & Eddie

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian

Though somewhat out of the limelight at the time of their affair, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were once again A-listers when they became adulterers. Maybe what made this story so scandalous was the fact that both were married at the time, or that their then-spouses didn’t seem to have any hang ups about talking to the press about how they’d been scorned. The couple denied their affair relentlessly, but once they went public, interest began to dwindle and the couple has been together ever since.

Grant & Hurley

Hugh Grant & Devine Brown

Here’s a real throw-back: Back in 1995 Hugh Grant was the talk of the town when he was caught sharing his English charm with Divine Brown on Sunset Boulevard. At the time Grant was long time boyfriend of actor Elizabeth Hurley. His little escapade set him back $60 and he lost a lot of public respect but lucky for him, not a girlfriend. Hurley and Grant remained together for another 5 years after the incident.

Tiger & Elin

Tiger & 14 Other Women

The world was swept by the news of Tiger cheating on his wife Elin with another women, and another, and another and another. Tiger’s status as a golf super star extended the interest in this affair beyond the usual celebrity gossip followers, reaching mainsteam media and making headlines for what seemed like ages as a total of 14 women who claimed to have had a night with the golf champion. But now, after an incredible quick break, Tiger is back on the greens and everyone has returned to talking about his swing, rather than his swinging.

Letterman & Lasko

Letterman & An Employee or Two

What really made this story interesting was not so much the cheating but the blackmailing. Before anyone was even speculating about a Late Show scandal, Letterman himself told the world about his affair with a staff member in order to unarm an attempted blackmailer. Letterman had been married to his wife for a short time when he broke the news but the couple had been together for over 20 years. Afterwards another staff member made claims of having a go with the late night host , but it seems Mr. and Mrs. Letterman were able to move past the indiscretion and media frenzy and they have been together since.

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