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The Cast of Spring Breakers Hit The TIFF Red Carpet

The warm summer-end breeze was a perfect welcoming to the cast of Harmony Korine’s newest movie, Spring Breakers, to Toronto. All five cast mates were dressed to perfection as they walked along the red carpet at the Ryerson Theatre on Friday evening.

The cast, that includes big names such as Selena Gomez, James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine, walked along the Toronto International Film Festival’s red carpet for the special premiere of their movie.

Selena Gomez had said months prior to the release of the movie that it was nothing like she had ever done. And her choice of outfits has definitely matured with her acting roles as well. The 2o-year-old shines below in her Marchesa dress that she matched with Dana Rebecca Designs earrings and a Melinda Maria ring.

Vanessa Hudgens‘ dress accented her tan skin and dark her perfectly. With her Marchesa dress fitting her like a glove, it was hard not to stare at the beauty.

Soon after the introduction of the cast, Selena and Vanessa did a quick wardrobe change while the rest of the cast were seated. When the movie was finished, and the cast was welcomed back on stage, both girls stunned in Dolce & Gabbana dresses.

Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson is not a stranger to the controversy and attention she gets in Spring Breakers,  because if you’re a fan of PLL, you’ll know she’s a big peace disturber. Among the girls sitting around me and my own personal thoughts – I can say for all of the girls that attended – that Ashley was the best dressed. She stayed dressed in her Dolce & Gabbana dress throughout the screening and interview session and she looked absolutely gorgeous. Her hair was effortlessly curled and her makeup was kept simple, only accenting her eyes – leaving her curves and beautiful dress to do all the talking.

The movie itself was amazingly executed, leaving the audience in a definite “mind blown” trance. Harmony Korine’s excitement oozed through every word he spoke during his introduction. James Franco’s  character had a slight sex appeal slash scary pedophile tendencies but his effort and talent was not doubted at all. I mean c’mon… it’s James Franco.

Although this movie is nothing like any of the girls’ previous roles, it definitely is a preview of what the future holds for all three of these young stars. It opens the eyes to the young audience, and although drugs, sex, and partying are something we aren’t oblivious of, it shows different aspects of how far you can go under the influence of all three.

I definitely recommend this movie to everyone 18+.

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