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Cars Everywhere Fear Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes continues to boggle the mind as she has recently been seen driving around in her visibly dented BMW.  Just six days ago Bynes was, for once, the victim in a collision where another vehicle rear ended her.

She has also been seen out and about looking like this:

What look is she going for? No one can be sure, but it’s safe to say she is a long way off from her What I Like About You days.

Sadly for Amanda, this was not her first encounter with vehicular issues.  In the past 4 months Amanda has been arrested for a DUI, involved in two hit-and-runs, and one other accident that she did take the blame for.  Currently she is facing two hit-and-run charges that could add up to a year in prison.

In tribute to Amanda, and the many laughs and good memories she has provided over the years, let us remind you of a time when she was just an innocent Nickelodeon television star before she was tainted by this messy DUI business.

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